Healthline Fitness Studio is situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan India providing right knowledge, therapeutic techniques and equipment under one roof. HFS was established in year 2010 by Dr. Vyom Bolia. He is physiotherapist OF HFS. We provide best health services and facilities at HFS for our respected customers.

Physiotherapy in Udaipur



Healthline Fitness Studio mission is your health. We provide you best chance for optimizing your health. We offer services such as Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Gym, Meditation, Physiotherapy and much more. Our Fitness Studio providing effective physiotherapy treatments to the clients. Our diagnostic proficiency provides targeted treatments, which are then mixed into your fitness exercise program.

Exercise with fitness ball


Our Fitness Studio provides personal trainers and experts who work with you on an individual level. They are selecting the best implements to suit your particular requirements, capability and budget. We provide various exercise classes by which you can reduce your body pain and make you healthy and fit. Initially we start from only basic exercises than we start heavy exercises.

Physiotherapy in Udaipur (4)


HFS has latest and modern equipments and our Personal trainers are providing best healthy services to the clients and always trying to help them. At HFS, physiotherapy we are providing a smart approach to your health and fitness, via a range of fitness programs and health treatments.

Physiotherapy in Udaipur (3)




“Anugrah” Nr. Rajasthan Bakery Bedla Main Road, Fatehpura, Udaipur   

  313001, Rajasthan

+91-9928568676 / +91-7665551678
68-A, Saheli Nagar near Ali Baba Arts Udaipur 313001 (Raj)



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